Monday, September 13, 2010

On a Mission.....

Hey everyone!
I must admit that my nails and I have a love/hate relationship!  At times, they grow marvelously, and I have no problems out of them.  Other times, they break when I look at them and I can never seem to retain any length on them.  I think that is why I had such a hard time at the beginning of my nail journey.  I could NOT find any regimen that would really help me keep my nails healthy and strong. 

During this time, I found lots of things that I really loved and worked for me, but couldn't find the complete package with steps/products that would help me maintain a nail length that I was happy with.

As I'm sure you all know, youtube has become the go to reference tool for most people, you can find videos on hairstyling, crocheting, makeup, comedy and nail care.........WHAT!  You mean I can find out how to get long, lovely, strong nails on YOUTUBE!  YES!!  *doeshappydance*

Enter LOVE4NAILS and her youtube channel!  At first, you will see that she has awesome video tutorials that showcase designs on every level from beginner to expert.  But once you keep watching, you start to think "how does she get and MAINTAIN her nails at such an awesome length?"  Enter THIS video....

The regimen involves vitamin E massages at 2 times a day.  In the video she says she does 3 times.  Also, a good nail hardener/strengthener.  She did this everyday for 2 months and her nails look AMAZING!
So my bestest friends who just happen to be members of an online forum, where we have a nail fanatics board of our own, suggested we use this video as a basis for a nail challenge!  We began earlier this month, and are using the tips and techniques that LOVE4NAILS suggested in her video, to help us obtain beautiful, strong, healthy nails.  I can't wait to show you my progress.  I use 400 i.u. vitamin E capsules, and Nailene Acrylic Strong as my topcoat!

This is the start. I cut my nails all the way down because I had been having some breakage/splitting issues.
Day 1

And this is a week later!

I'm really happy with the progress!!!!  I can't wait to see what my nails look like at the end of the challenge!



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